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On random maps there is no standard setup like on Alien. Basically, you need to rely on your intuitive senses. However, there are a few important rules you should keep in mind to play effectively.

  • Explore the map with swordsmen
  • Build as few towers as possible
  • Use pioneers (also to set towers effectively)
  • Try to build on green dots
  • Set buildings close to each other
  • Never level out more than five buildings at once
  • Create bowmen (but if a Egyptian tries to rush you with spearmen, defend with spearmen)

Basic setup with Amazons (Using this setup you will be able to create a lot of soldiers very quickly!)

  • Start with two foresters (except your whole land is covered with trees)
  • Now create ten pioneers to get space
  • 2 woodcutters + sawmill
  • Reduce diggers and builders to 0%!
  • 2 woodcutters + sawmill
  • Change pioneers back to carriers
  • 2 woodcutters + forester
  • Quarry + possibly a small tower (to get space for a large residence or to protect your mountain against your enemies)
  • Large residence
  • Increase diggers and builders to 25% but keep in mind to save three hammers for weapon smiths!
  • Create 15 geologists and search in groups of five
  • 2 woodcutters + forester + sawmill + 2 quarries

Follow-up in case you have gems and sulfur ( If you don’t have gems or sulfur, set up just the same but build 2-3 early farms and a few beekeepers’ huts to reach “level 3”quickly. Then play like a Roman and hope you will face an easy enemy :-P)

  • Beekeeper’s hut + forester + farm
  • Weapon production (iron smelting + weapon smith + barracks)
  • 2 coal mines + iron min
  • Now you have to decide between:
    • Safety
      • Two large temples (crush them as soon as you reach ”level 2”)
      • Second large residence
    • Ambition
      • Second large residence
      • Two large temples (crush them as soon as you reach “level 2”)
  • Gem mine + sulfur mine + alchemist’s den + second weapon smith
  • 2 fishermen huts + waterworks + mill + 2 bakeries + second farm
  • Gem mine + sulfur mine + coal mine + alchemist’s den + third weapon smith
  • 3-5 beekeepers’ huts (depending on forest) + third large residence

After 32-35 minutes three weapon smiths run perfectly, even if you are surrounded by enemies.

  • Gem mine + sulfur mine + 2 alchemists’ dens + 2 weapon smiths

Five weapon smiths run perfectly after 40 minutes. Which civilization is able to keep up with this setup? Between 30-40 minutes, even good players suffer from a lack of coal or iron playing Romans or Asians (Egyptians sometimes too). While they suffer, you have five weapon smiths running perfectly and nearly two times more soldiers. This great amount of soldiers protects you against early attacks and at the same time you are prepared for a long game - an unbeatable combination.

After about 1000 random games I conclude: Amazons is the best civilization. If you have enough gems and sulfur, the first place in statistics is guaranteed. But be aware that Amazon soldiers have less hit points and you are quite weak until 32-45 minutes. After that time, even Egyptians get in trouble in 99% of all cases, because you have four times more smiths running and probably you will reach “level 3” faster.

Here is an example of Amazons’ long game score (100 minutes):

Another picture to proof that Amazons are able to win after 35 minutes. I hope, Maximilius will forgive me for choosing our tournament game :-P

After 35 minutes three weapon smiths were running, I had honey and fish (gems and sulfur for 2 alchemists) and my bakeries were about to start working. If you look at the screenshot you can spot his mistake easily :-P He built medium residences, but if you play Amazons, only large residences are efficient.


  • Build only large residences!
  • Try not to build towers if possible!

There are many players starting with 2-4 towers as Amazons. You can imagine my evil smile if it’s my enemy. It’s a nice thing to play with double resources :)

I hope, I could give you a small insight of Amazons secrets :)

author: Polarsturm
translated by: Suma

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