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Egyptians are able to rush, but they can also be used in a different way. Most random players prefer fun games and since it’s too easy to rush on good spots, there is no fun for other players. That’s why I will present a long play setup. Unlike the common opinion, even in long games you can definitely create far more soldiers with Egyptians than with Asians or Romans.

Basically: Handle diggers carefully. For a successful setup with Egyptians, whose buildings are the largest, it’s necessary to level out not more than four buildings at once.

  • If there are at least some stones, start with three quarries and send swordsmen in every direction
  • Build a farm immediately and in order to get stones, build a tower or create pioneers
  • Now build a medium residence and as soon as it’s built, create ten geologists and find best mines
  • 2 woodcutter + sawmill + forester (eventually), again 2 woodcutter + sawmill
    (Cut trees on plain land)
  • Two quarries (If possible, you can also build them before the wood production)
  • Second medium residence + second farm
  • Weapon production (iron smelting + weapon smith + barracks + marketplace)
  • 2 coal mines + iron mine + gem mine (if possible)
  • Third medium residence
  • Waterworks + 2 fisher +jetty (store the fish at the jetty and stop fish supply of the gem mine)
  • Brewery + sphinx + pyramid (The advantage of this setup is obvious: only one giant pyramid to level out, early second “level 2” and constantly manna to change fish into meat)
  • Fourth medium residence
  • Second weapon production + coal mine + iron mine + medium residence
  • Third farm + waterworks + mill + 2 bakeries
  • Fifth and sixth medium residence

Time to recruit :)

Of course, this setup doesn’t work always. On random maps you need to be lucky with your spot, but this setup is in approx. 85-90% of all games possible. By “fish to meat” (I would start with 15-20 fish), a bread production running after 30-35 minutes and not too bad mines, your two weapons smiths are running perfectly.

  • Iron smelting + tool smith + weapon smith. After less than 40 minutes (sometimes even after 35 minutes) there are three weapon smiths running perfectly
  • Three medium residences + three farms in order to run another bread and manna production

With two sphinxes you reach “level 3” between 70-80 minutes and your enemies should be scared *g With the second bread production you can extend to 5-6 weapon smiths directly. Important: Weapons count more than gems. Don’t supply the gem mine all the time. Only after you changed fish into meat, send some fish to the gem mine for just a few minutes. Just a few soldiers with 100% strength are less effective than many soldiers with 80% strength.

With this setup you will often create far more soldiers than Asians and Romans if the spot is not too bad. The advantage of the Egyptians in long games is that you produce food through manna. Of course, you need to build a brewery and a sphinx but they replace the pig ranch and the slaughterhouse. Romans waste a vast amount of resources to build wineries and small temples just for manna. Asians use up coal for manna and their “stone to iron” spell becomes inefficient in long games. As Egyptian you save important resources and because of that you gain speed.

Have fun!

author: Polarsturm
translated by: Suma

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